“Helping others is a way to help yourself”

 Daily, we meet people, friends, relatives in need and sometimes, we’d like to help out but don’t know how.
Truth is helping out can be very simple: offering a smile, a piece of advice or lending a caring ear.
Out of each event, you’ll learn new things to share, to use, re-use to help others but also yourself…
In addition, we are certain that one way or another, while attending one of our events, you may be reminded
about how to live a happier Life in the simplest ways, the ones we most easily tend to forget…
Last but not least, we decided to help people and NGOs all around the world through regular donations.
TOTAL collecting : 7865 rmb + Micro credit reinvestment in projects : 5400 rmb (810 euros)
Total Projects : 50
Countries (21) : Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, French Polynesia, Gaza, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Vietnam, Togo.