Types of Events


INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED by a range of different events !

Duration : from 1 to 2 hours
Inspiring and meaningful activities, lessons, talks, movies to share a nice time in group.

Duration : from 1 to 2 hours – series of minimum 4 classes to attend.
We believe that improvement comes with pratice and commitment. All along the year, different courses are taught by experienced teachers to support you in improving or  mastering new skills and competencies in various fields.

Duration : from 2 to 7 hours
Engage in stimulating experiences and open discussions with passionate forward-thinking experts – with skills, knowledge and wisdom drawn from all corners of the globe – who’d like to share their methods, advice and offer individuals the tools to become the Actors of their Lives. These events will open yourself to new horizons and provide you with empowering tools to use in your daily life.

Explore life beyond the city walls. We offer travel opportunities and outdoor activities to allow people to take some time away from urban life and reconnect with Mother Nature and themselves.


Self-exploration – Self Awareness
Family Tree with Bibiana Rueda
Therapeutic Writing with Christine Leang
Art Co-Creation with Estel Vilar
Meditation with Phounkeo Phayvong
Dreams with Jean Baptiste Duret
Relationships to Love with Benito Mellado
The shadow of your desire with Jivan Amara
Listen to your Femininity with Estel Vilar

Neuro Linguistic Programme with Jeff Tan
Non Violent Communication with Manuella Arulnayagam
Open Communication Up with Phounkeo Phayvong
Positivity Talk by Phounkeo Phayvong

Mind-Body Connection
Qigong workshops with Marceau Chenault and Ke Wen
Qi Dance workshops with Marceau Chenault and Ke Wen
Taiji workshops with Shaun Tang

Chinese Culture
Yijing with Victor Garza
Fengshui with Victor Garza
Guqin workshop with ShaunTang
Tea discovering and tasting workshop with Shaun Tang

Sociology and cross-culture
A different perspective on luxury in China with Sabine Ichikawa
The Renewal Center NGO talk with Faith Hampton
The Maya Calendar by Victor Garza
Being vegetarian for 47 years with Edmée d’Orléans
Cross-Culture Night with Phounkeo Phayvong
The Krazy Quizz with Shaun Tang and Phounkeo Phayvong

Special Events
The Inspiration Night in Paris
Auction Night
Board Game Night
Fete de la Musique in the Mingshen Museum
Watchmaker Vaucheron Constantin workshop visit with Khien Tran

Environmental Awareness
Sustainability Talk with Jean Chen
International Earth Hours
Breathe easy, cleaner living in Shanghai with James Westwood
Body-Mind-Environment talk with Chuan de la Hosseraye
Perspectivity Game with Brad Steiner

Music Impro with Daniel Saracino, David Bedjai and Florent Courtaigne

Movie and documentary screenings
7 billions Others testimonies video
Spiritual Cinema Circle movies and short movies
Life in a Day
No Impact Man
Out on a limb
Men come from March and women from Venus
Yes Man

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