OpenUp, Treasure the simplest moments of your Life ! – 11th video

Going to France for a few weeks and enjoying all the simple but precious moments there…

When I produced the video, I felt blessed for all this flow of life in my path… Even with my tiny technical video skills, I’m quite touched by the result and all the deep emotions brought out of it.
I would like to Thanks everyone whom made my trip so wonderful. Family, Friends and Life that always surprises me and shows me whatever happens is just perfect the way it is
I didn’t have the pictures or videos of everyone + I was not able to see all of you my dears that I wanted to but be sure you are ALL in my Heartalways

May you all find happiness and joy in every simple moment of your Life…

Music used for the video (in order)

No author – Joy
Bird – Lao Country song
Yiruma – River flows in you



Phounkeo is a Love Activist, with a life purpose of spreading Love, Joy and Positivity. She believes that it is through the communication and exchange of love that we can create a world filled with harmony everywhere.