CROWDFUNDING: contributing and fulfilling dreams with Phounkeo! Until 25th Oct.

How much we have reached today ! :)

Here we are, finally, I found my path and am delighted that it brought me to reconnect with you and to use my creativity to launch this crowdfunding to achieve my dreams!
For starters, I’d like to invite you to watch the video I created for this occasion >>>

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For those who would like zestier details, here is…



Almost 7 years ago, I started to meditate and to dig deeper within my own self to understand and realize myself… Today I walk on my life path with much more serenity, love & compassion for myself and others. I think I understand more and more what the words “Love” and “Live” truly mean. Along this path, I realized that my mission was to spread this wisdom and constantly moving acquired experience of what we call “Meditation”. This is how I became a Meditation Guide.

Since 2 years, I have been sharing my experience several times a week gathering groups at OpenUp Space in Shanghai. Among several other practices, I use Deeksha Meditation (meaning ‘benediction’ in Sanskrit, an old language from India).

Today, I’d like to further immerse myself into a complete spiritual environment and attend the Oneness University from Oct. 31st to Nov. 30th. It is the university in India where Deeksha Meditation originated. I intend to become a Oneness Trainer and, once back from this beautiful and intense training, I believe I will be even more connected to myself, even keener on giving and contributing to improve the happiness in people’s life. For those who are interested, this training will allow me to give workshops so that you can become a ‘Deeksha Giver’ (more info below).

NonViolent Communication (NVC)

I don’t believe in coincidence, and NVC appeared in my life because I needed it, mostly in my couple. I sometimes wonder if I would still be with Benito, my boyfriend if I hadn’t learnt to clearly communicate with him what I feel and what I need… In any case, I’ve opened up myself to what life brought me through NVC and it’s been already 2 years since I started using it on a daily basis. NVC brought so much to me that I decided to share it myself. Its deep quality of connection allows you to observe yourself, to know first what you truly want and then to express it in a way that will give you the best chances to meet your needs while respecting those of others.

I now gather practice groups in Shanghai (I will start the fifth one in Dec.) and slowly but steadily, I started to coach people who were seeking for a more balanced life, starting with individuals, and after getting many requests, couples, families, and even companies (more details here).

I feel so thrilled to coach, I love it so much! I feel in deep harmony with this practice and I now know this is my true calling, as everything is happening so naturally. I found one of my ‘raison d’être’ on earth and contributing to people’s well being has become essential for my own balance. I give and I receive in this way…

OpenUp Space

This adventure started when I arrived in China in 2010 and took an “official” turn in Dec. 2012. These seeds sprouted from simply screening inspiring movies between friends at home to having my own space where I now work full time. I organize events and activities about personal development and spirituality. Gathering, connecting, fostering reflection, learning to becoming oneself, to simply Be, are the purpose of every activity I passionately take time to put together at OpenUp Space.

Now, I need your support to keep on going with serenity.
For this, I propose an exchange: packages to (re-)discover yourself and your surroundings in exchange of your financial support!

Just so you know, the amount of packages are limited, and rates are cheaper than those I usually give so that I may rapidly gather an income and you can enjoy it ;)

4 PACKAGES IDEAS that came to my mind !  

1h30 coaching sessions where you will experience Meditation and NVC.
Package 1/ For Individual (37 packages available)
If you have any difficulties at work, in your couple, family or if you simply want to unblock a situation in your life, my coaching sessions aim at steering you to find the solutions that will benefit you the most. I won’t find those solutions for you, I will help you find your own answers, I believe this outcome to be deeper and more efficient;)

Package 2/ For Couple (27 packages available)
You may struggle communicating in your couple. For example, if you can’t make yourself understood, if you have no desire to communicate with one another anymore, or you think the flame is gone, you don’t know how to talk to your partner anymore, you are afraid to create conflictual situations or you’re now acting as if everything was ok when it is not etc…
I help couples to understand what is behind these conflicts to improve their communication, learn to know each other again, re-discover your partner, learn to understand each other better and express what we want so as to find true harmony in the relationship.

Package 3/ Deeksha Giver Workshop (12 packages available)
For those who attend the Deeksha meditations and know about “Deeksha Giving”, once back from India, I’ll be able to give 2-days intensive and deep workshops to train to become Deeksha Givers.
This workshop aims at :

  • opening up yourself to further consciousness of your own being and of those around you,
  • coming back to your original essence,
  • embracing your divine,
  • being ‘one’ with the ‘whole’, aware that there is no separation between you and others, between you and nature, and that you are connected anywhere anytime.

Package 4/ Make a donation
If you do not wish to be coached or become a Deeksha Giver but would like to support me in making my dreams and purpose come true, you can of course make a donation. I am open to any amount, as each donation is important to me at this moment.


Coaching Sessions of 1h30 duration
Package 1/ For Individual 
(37 packages available)
Package 2/ For Couple
(27 packages available)





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Package 3/ Become a Deeksha Giver – 2 full days workshop (12 packages available)

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Package 4/ DONATION – Contribute by giving any amount you feel like. 


  • There is no expiry date. You can benefit from them anytime you want.
  • Sessions can be face to face, by internet or by phone.
  • Sessions can be used by you or someone else. So you can buy many of them and share their cost with other people.
  • You can offer them as a gift to your friends, family members and to people who need them.
  • Deeksha workshops will start in December. Dates will be confirmed with the participants.



80 000 = 11 430 = 12 308 $

  • Developping OpenUp Space and the activities : ¥30 000 = 4286 € = 4615 $
  • Going to India during one month to attend the Oneness University and become a Oneness Trainer : ¥40 000 = 5725 € = 6154 $
  • NonViolent Communication Certified Trainer one full week immersion to coach with even more efficiency, depth and compassion: ¥10 000 = 1429 € = 1539 $

BEFORE 2015, OCT. SUNDAY 25th !

  • You can directly make a transfer to my bank account in France or in China, I will send the info upon request.
    You can also pay using:
  • Paypal :
  • Alipay :
  • Wechat wallet (for those who live in China)


  • One picture of you to put it on the website on my “Hall of Angels”. Yes Yes, you ARE my Angels!
  • Your postal address so I can send you the surprise magic postcard.
  • The package you chose or the amount of the donation so I can be clear on my budget.

Address email to send info + if you have any questions: 

Thanks in advance for your support
and your sweet vibes to reach the goal !

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Phounkeo is a Love Activist, with a life purpose of spreading Love, Joy and Positivity. She believes that it is through the communication and exchange of love that we can create a world filled with harmony everywhere.