Shanghai Family Constellation Congress from 4th to 6th Nov 2016

Success and Self Awareness with Family Constellations

What is the relationship between Success and Self Awareness?
Notion of success can encompass lots of areas of life, and its definition depends mainly on each human being’s perception. Whether money or family is concerned, whether it is a more inner success in link with the meaning of one’s life, succeeding depends finally on the way of thinking, acting, and feeling. It needs a balance between the body, the soul, and the spirit.
Our goal, through this special event, is to make you experience this balance and its benefits, through practical workshops, theorical conferences, and resourcing moments which will help to gain clarity and decide consciously how to act to reach one’s goals.

Who is this congress made for?
This congress, that will focus on how family and organizational constellations can help in the field of success, is not only aimed at professional practitioners, but also at visitors who have experience or not in constellations and would like to discover more this universe.
This event is a great opportunity to meet international speakers coming from various constellation schools and to get a larger view of the extent of the Family Constellations and their applications.

On Saturday, the focus will be more on organizational constellations and, on Sunday, on the relationship between our consciousness, the earth, what surrounds us, …

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