Phounkeo, Peacemaker Coach [ENG]

Phounkeo Bio Life Joy Peace  “I am simply becoming a BEing…”

Searching for oneself is a never ending adventure. It can be seen as a difficult path or as one where each and every moment is an opportunity to learn, to understand and realise oneself. The latter is the one I’ve chosen to walk on…

I used to live hiding under a perfect girl’s mask, when I was eventually born again at age 24 and began to really discover my true self. Digging deeper into my western and asian roots and culture, discovering the infinite beauty of Nature through solo travels, going to meditating retreats, exploring different ways to communicate, I naturally came to acknowledge the following: There is no goal, the goal is the path itself”.

It is then that I realised I had become a Love Activist; carrying out my actions with love for a flame of life uniting us in compassion that I simply call – humanity. This is the foundation of my own willpower, inspiring me to make change happen and open my own space in Shanghai for self-awareness and personal development: OpenUp Space.

Every day, I welcome people who acknowledge that change is essential to their life, people who want to reach back in to their own life source, who want to better understand about themselves, who want to find true well-being from within.

Driven by my own personal experience and by the many inspiring experts I stand alongside, I have developped my ability to share my listening skills, my joy, my positivity and wisdom.

Today, as a Meditation Guide and Peacemaker Coach, I define myself as a person who thrives to be at peace with oneself and others. Yes I believe happiness comes being at peace with oneself first.

I guide groups, individuals, couples, families to better understand themselves, communicate with each others and above all, to appreciate and love themselves more.
My main tools are Meditation, Open Up Communication, Qigong, Taiji, Sarbacana, the Oracle Cards that I’m using every day without moderation.

If you are looking for yourself, I would be pleased to guide you in finding your own way.

Information about:

Fees for Private Coaching, In person or virtually, are as follow:

  • 400 rmb/1h
  • 600 rmb/1h30 (it usually takes 1h30 for the first session)
  • 800 rmb/couple/1h30

For corporate or NGO, please contact me directly

Email : phoun-keo[at]
Tel : (+86) 1391 6699 125


« I held a dark secret, for years.  It’s been eating me up inside. I began to have nightmares, sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, in cold sweats.  I could not have a fulfilling relationship, because I could not be sincere.  So I reached out to Phounkeo for help & guidance.  I knew I was safe, and that she wouldn’t judge me or shut me out of her life because of what I have done.  Sharing with her what had happened, what I’ve suppressed for years, liberated me.  It was cathartic.  I can now look into the mirror and say to myself out loud, “I love you, for who you are, and I love you, for what you have done in the past, because without that I wouldn’t be who I am today.”, and actually believe my own words.  The best gift I gave to myself in the past 4357 days was to forgive myself.  And I was able to achieve that through Phounkeo’s coaching. »
Audrey Weilai Fieser

« Before NVC, I never thought violence could be hidden in every corner, in disguise of judgement, sweet words, even well intended sympathy to others. Nor did I realise I could be so violent to myself just by being nice and kind to people. The whole NVC theory and step-by-step practice Phounkeo coached and designed for us helped me see my ‘violence’ and what can be done to achieve win-wins in work, life and relationship.
Dorian, male, 31. Boy made in shanghai. Profession in marketing and PR. Often finds himself uneasy to connect with people but doesn’t know why (until later NVC led him to the world of empathy). »
Dorian Zhou

« Phounkeo’s love, patience and openness is a real inspiration. And thanks to her weekly NVC workshop and meditation class, I am progressively becoming more aware of who I am, what I feel, what I need and how to live a more meaningful life for myself and with others. I’m learning to unlearn and to remember, and it feels great!
Thank you Phounkeo! And may OUC keep on enriching people’s lives! »
Amelie Papin

« Phounkeo has a rare gift: the ability to remake the world around her and for those she meets by changing the way it’s perceived. The beauty of her nature lies in the warmth and wisdom with which she helps to guide people. She welcomes us all equally, with love and respect, and offers a space free of judgement or dictate in which to speak, to be heard – and rethink. Through her friendship, time and thoughts, Phounkeo somehow provides people with what they need to grow, to empower themselves and to find a sense of peace. She taught me that if you can change your mind, then your heart and life will follow…Not always an easy lesson to adhere to, but I will always be grateful to her for the time she spent with me when I needed it most. »
Parker Rose

« Before NVC, I had no idea how I could feel in the present moment, and why I was so angry at some little tiny things. Also as I was not connected with myself and brave enough to say “no” to people so when they were requesting from me, I used to feel upset and having some trouble handling connection with them. While learning NVC, I realised there is no little tiny thing, there are only strong unpleasant emotions coming from unmet needs. People are brave enough to say “no” to others only when they know their real needs.
NVC is a good opportunity for me to get along well with myself meanwhile having deep connection to the world.»
Nancy Ni – 红彦倪