Our Philosophy

 OpenUp Space is a warm and peaceful nest where you develop self awareness and bloom spiritually through inspiring activities and events.

The story

OpenUp Space is the result of a lifetime of personal research committed to developing an understanding of the self, others and the world.

We believe the key for peace and happiness can be found within oneself. The more you know about yourself, the fewer doubts you have, the more you open up to the world around you and live a fulfilled, balanced and enjoyable life.

In 2011, Phounkeo created Open Up and have been organising various mindful events in Shanghai since then. Each event has been dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, experience and wisdom between individuals so as to see the world with different eyes.

We don’t believe there is a single better way than another, the key remains to find the one that fits you.

* What do we do ?

In order to build a strong and genuine community, we realised that a warm and open-minded space was needed, filled with inspiring events and activities where everyone comes to:

  • deepen awareness of the self,
  • reach back in to their own life source,
  • better understand about themselves,
  • find true well-being from within,
  • make meaningful authentic connections
  • simply enjoy the gift of the present
  • … and find their own way !

 This is how the OpenUp Space was born.


About the founder, Phounkeo

Phounkeo picPhounkeo was born and grew up in Paris. Her parents and grandparents came from Laos and China. She decided to move to Shanghai with her boyfriend in 2010 for professional reasons. Now, she feels really confortable here and got out much more than she originally expected of this burstling city. She went from organising big branding corporate events to impactful green events to smaller mindful activities.

Through these meaningful human scale events, she’s learning a lot and feels more aligned with herself. She’s enjoying every little step of the process, and now knows she’s on the right path to finding her true self.

When you really know her, you easily understand what she is: a Love Activist with a life purpose of spreading Peace, Joy and Positivity. She believes that it is through the communication and exchange of love that we can create a world filled with harmony everywhere.

She understands that each individual requires a different path to flourish, and it is her belief that she can help people find their own way, by creating the perfect connections according to their specific needs and aspirations.

“The creation of OpenUp Space not only represents a great personal endeavour for me, but I believe, will also provide a valuable catalyst for change and a step towards a more interconnected and inspired society”


The Sages Committee


Benito Mellado is my Cheekily Questionner. He’s not only my boyfriend but also the shadow behind the scene for this project. He enjoys playing the devil’s advocate asking me the exact questions I’m trying to avoid. Without me realizing it, he has been pushing me and providing advice since the beginning to make the concept sharper. He has an intuition and
outspokenness that make all of his advice awfully specific and sought after.



Cyrille Jegu WEC3 _2_2

Cyrille Jegu is my Positive Trouble Maker. Wherever he goes, people are terribly shaken by his innovative ideas, his logical mind and his wide wise knowledge. When he arrives, if you are not clear with yourself, be ready for a total positive calling into question. Cyrille is always present to share beneficial knowledge and to guide me to different ways in order to experience what fits me the best.



Jeff Tan

Jeff Tan is my Call for Action Coach. With gentleness, dynamism and powerful words, he’s pushing me to be more confident, to go straight to the point and to get rid of my fear of failure. He’s always challenging me to try even if I feel it’s not perfect. In fact, he’s helping me to give the best of myself.