Awareness is… Love by Deborah Walker

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Love, not judgment, sows the seeds of tranquility and change from one soul to another.

This is a verse from a poem by Danna Faulds and the candle spark that inspires my writing.

I think that most all mankind would agree that a change needs to transpire amongst all humanity within the world. There is a great inclination for all humanity collectively to live in harmony and peace.  A transformation or revision is being sought worldwide.  Some feel it needs to begin in governments.  Others place the responsibility on the individual communities.  A few say let the renewal begin with me.  But in order to have change you must have awareness.  Lack of awareness (self-knowledge) is the perpetuating composer of human stress and torment.  The corrective remedy to all insanity is awareness of self. This remedy of awareness is love.

I define love as unconditional.  However to further expound and clarify, love is life with no ego, expectations, needs or requirements.  Love does not possess nor does it cling in a manner that suppresses growth and being. In essence, no conditions or needed or mandated.

February is the month of love and we are instructed on Valentine’s Day to demonstrate our emotions of love.  But if I allow my loving awareness to observe all that is around me outside as well as that which is my inner being, I find love is everywhere and constantly present with no need of instruction or demonstration. We only need to be present and aware which result in infinite love.

Ram Dass’s Hindu story about the Horse Drawn Carriage is a good illustration of how we allow our ego’s to close us to awareness and thus close ourselves to love.  Our ego (the horsemen), our life’s motivations (the horses) and our spiritual hearts (the carriage) all are present on our journey through life.  Instead of remaining aware and identifying with our spiritual heart and allowing it to instruct and decide through our motivations, we identify with the ego and allow it to instruct and decide as well as direct our life through our motivations.  The spiritual heart takes the stick and taps on the window and tells the ego to instruct through our motivations to change our direction.  The ego has fear. Its greatest fear is death in many forms. The fear will often prohibit a clear message from the spiritual heart. The worst is when it totally ignores the message from the spiritual heart and only performs an instructed demonstration.  The spiritual heart has no fear. It has experienced life and death and knows it is infinite in its being.  It is loving awareness.

It is my wish to gently illuminate that awareness which is love without judgment sows the seeds of tranquility that will create and sustain the change that all of humanity wants in the world.

We allow our egos to superficially demonstrate, instruct and even alter our reasons and or motivations about life which ultimately are infinite love.  The reason as well as the purpose we are here is pure unadulterated love.  We then often get sidetracked and blindsided finding ourselves on a path that does not lead us on the journey where our spiritual hearts can be fully awakened. The ego has changed our direction and often our purpose. Without loving awareness the ego can cause a form of death that the spiritual heart continually will vow to escape.  Thus no harmony, no peace just stress and torment within all of humanity.

Let me close by stating demonstrations of love initiated by loving awareness with no interference of the ego will allow our spiritual hearts to awaken within all of humanity.  But we must be certain that our spiritual hearts motivations are continually initiated with awareness of self which is love.

Love Give Light Receive awareness

By Deborah Walker


Phounkeo is a Love Activist, with a life purpose of spreading Love, Joy and Positivity. She believes that it is through the communication and exchange of love that we can create a world filled with harmony everywhere.