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How to get a membership as an OpenUplifter?

We understand that regular participation to our warm community and persistence in the practice are the key to more awareness so we came up with this first membership for 2 reasons:

  • to provide you with the opportunity to grow spiritually with more lightness and flexibility
  • to organically grow with you and adapt the membership to your real needs.

Your feedback and continual insights are essential for us to develop it accurately and potentially adjust it in the near future. That’s why you may be asked to fill-in a Questionnaire at the term of your membership period.


1) To become a member, it’s essential to have attended at least 3 OpenUp Space events or activities.

2) Our currency is Awareness Seeds. 1 Awareness Seed = 50 rmb 

You use your Awareness Seeds to attend:

  • Weekly Activities : 1 to 3 seeds
  • Conference/Talk : 2-3 seeds
  • Workshops half day : 8 to 10 seeds
  • Workshops full day : 16 to 20 seeds
  • Courses : 2-3 seeds/ 1 class

3) Membership benefits

OpenUp Space Membership Tab Uplifters



  • Free borrowing of Books and DVDs
  • ‘Members-Only’ Events invitation
  • Priority list for all events
  • Discounts on special events
  • Share/Offer seeds to your beloved friends


  • During your membership, you will be reminded of how many seeds you have left, don’t worrry about it.
  • The seeds are not valid for private coaching session.
  • Seeds can’t be combined with other promotions.