Cyrille Jégu, my Mentor – Australia

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Free (Spirited) Radical, Instigator and Accelerator of Change. 
Advisor/Coach/Mentor to Social and Community Entrepreneurs, and everyone else keen to have a positive impact.
“The only permanent thing in life is Change, everything else is in Transition”
Are you prepared and equipped to embrace this world in motion? I help people and organisations make sense and embrace of the constant change that is happening around us, and the inner transitions necessary to resolve their tensions so they fulfil their purpose and true potential.
Change / Transitions – Governance – Personal & Organisational Effectiveness – Sustainable Buiness/Design/Strategies
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Phounkeo is a Love Activist, with a life purpose of spreading Love, Joy and Positivity. She believes that it is through the communication and exchange of love that we can create a world filled with harmony everywhere.