Facilities rental

A mix of Chinese and modern decoration with a homey and peaceful atmosphere.
A sweet place where you just feel good.


ZEN Room – 20 m2
Serene and cosy room with carpets, mirrors, meditation chairs and cushions. Ideal for deep practices like meditation, body practices or warm discussions and sharings in a small group .
Price : 200 rmb/hour

2014-05-22 14.06.52JOY Room – 12m2
Joyful and pleasant room with tables and chairs.
Ideal for courses and discussions.
Price : 100 rmb/hour


IMG_6206mrTEA Room – 12m2
Beautiful and authentic tea room.
Ideal for tea ceremony and peaceful deep discussions.
Price : 150 rmb/hour


2014-05-22 14.06.25OPEN Room – 35 m2
The main room is meant for connections. As it is the central place of the space, it is available for special events or co-rented under specific conditions.
Price : depends on the use you have.

Please contact us here if you are interested to rent any of the space.